I’m back, but I’m still kind of lazy…

2 06 2009

Hello my loyal readers,

As you can  probably tell, I’ve been struggling with the “discipline” aspect of blogging.  It’s summer, and I’m a college student, so I don’t really see any sense in apologizing for it, but I will promise to be better and more interesting starting tonight.  

Anyhow, I just got back from a nice bike ride that served to remind me how out of shape I’m in (but fortunately cleared my mind as well), and I’m ready to start reading (Principles of Economics by Carl Menger) and writing (don’t even get me started on this GM business, I’ll be sure to piss all sides off somehow…).  But I thought I’d update you on what I’ve been doing in the past week since getting stranded in Bismarck.  

Thanks to some guy named Jim at Romulus-based United Road vehicle shipping, the Wagoneer is on its way back from North Dakota.  If  this was a popular blog, I probably could have gotten a discount for dropping that link, but only you guys can make the free stuff flow forth by visiting frequently.  I should find out what’s wrong with the transmission in the next week or so, and hopefully I’ll have it back on the road soon.  After all, I need something to tow my boat (which deserves another post entirely), and fortunately, this Wagoneer came with a hitch…the kind of hitch that you can hook a boat trailer to, not the kind of hitch that leaves you stranded in Bismarck.  

On the upside, I did get an opportunity to see, albeit only in passing, much of the Midwest worth going back to see.  Fargo is a nice little city, and even in rush hour, St. Paul-Minneapolis seemed pleasant.  Certain readers will be  pleased to know that, after hours of non-stop driving across plains and prairies, the rolling countryside of central Wisconsin looked lush and inviting enough to return to.  Plus, they sell fireworks you just can’t get in Michigan.

Since I have no grasp of time or space, I decided to plan a trip to the cottage (five hours away, in Naubinway) the day after arriving home from the Montana Excursion.  Of course, we ended up pulling up in the driveway at about 6 AM Friday morning, three hours before I was supposed to leave with a van full of people.  

Somehow, I made it happen.  Unfortunately, the inevitable happened, and I crashed once I got up to the cottage:


I need to work on my logistical analysis.

I need to work on planning and logistics.

The weekend was a rousing success, though I was not able to enjoy it fully.  The speeding ticket was kind of a buzzkill, too, and I’m sure as hell not going back to Mt. Pleasant to contest it.  Besides, telling the judge that “nobody follows the speed limit” is not really a defensible argument.

Now I’m finally back home, and it feels great.  I have no intention of getting into a car for more than an hour for at least a month; I’ve just been sitting back for two days, resting, watching the industrial future of Southeastern Michigan grow dimmer and dimmer, and preparing to learn about the intricacies of Austrian Economics.

And once more, I’d like to pledge to make at least one update per day, starting today.  So check back at this time tomorrow and hope that I’ve come up with something interesting to say by then!




2 responses

4 06 2009

Nice picture 😉

5 06 2009
Karen Strobridge

It may appear that I’m not a loyal reader since this is the first comment I have posted but I am enjoying your blog even though I don’t get on the computer everyday to read it. It appears that you could have used that lucky penny and four leaf clover your Mom found. Glad you made it up to enjoy the weekend with your friends.

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