I’d be outraged if it wasn’t ultimately so pathetic

7 06 2009

Via Jonah Goldberg at The Corner:

A Democratic Underground dweller buys a doohickey so he can turn off Fox News in any public place he finds it. So courageous.

“…it’s time to get aggressive when it comes to people playing FOX News in businesses, doctor’s offices and other public places.”

Pointing out the hypocrisy of some hard-core liberals is often times so easy that, like shooting fish in rather small, empty barrels with a shotgun, it can hardly be called sporting.  And to be fair, hypocrisy is extant at all points on the political spectrum/compass, especially as you move to the fringes.

But rarely will someone be so confident in their masterful plan to silence their political opposition that they will post about it on a public message board like some kind of really lame basement-dwelling Bond villain.

Well, I lost it all in the Volcano Base real estate market collapse, so the Moon-based laser was just plain out of my price range...

Well, I got burned by the three mortgages on my Volcanic Missile Base, so the Moon-based superlaser was just plain out of my price range.

“Yes,” the merry prankster, known only as “backscatter712,” informs the rest of the internet.  “I fully intend to be an asshole about this.”

Congratulations,  you’ve probably succeeded; being an asshole not even that hard to do.  I knew someone who had one of these, and we all had a great time with it—in 6th grade.  Plus, his was built into a watch, making it official cooler than the one used by our liberal cultural crusader.

The upside is that the reaction to this plan is pleasantly mixed.  Of course, there are those that consider FOX to be just another arm of the evil, plotting GovCorp seeking to control our minds and opinions.  But they can’t even express that without being laugably overblown and hypocritical:
I can respect bottom-up popular culture, even when it’s stuff I don’t personally like. It’s top-down corporate culture masquerading as popular culture that makes steam come out of my ears.

So if FOX New is “corporate culture masquerading as popular culture,” what does that make Jon Stewart?

A brave, completely unbiased voice of Truth unswayed by commercialism.

A brave, completely unbiased voice of Truth unswayed by commercialism.

Thankfully, for every two or three self-righteous comments like that, there was one informing the mastermind himself that his plan was a waste of time and money, and pretty much stupid overall.  So that’s good to see.

Whichever side of the ongoing societal debate you’re ultimately on, remember that silencing discussion is never an acceptable way of winning an argument.  If you can’t make a persuasive point without shutting up the other side, maybe you need to rexamine your position.

The sick and scary part is that some (I’m looking at you, “get the red out”) feel that such actions are justified because FOX News watchers “Would use the force of law if they could, and use lies forced on people by their minions who can control TVs in public places. They also use churches to promote their lies and wars and death.”

This is moral equivalency at its worst.  Pogroms are justified on similar grounds. I’m glad that another poster put him in his place.

Whoever you are, whatever you believe, always be on the lookout for such dangerous criticism of the right of individuals to express themselves, even if you disagree with the views expressed.  The marketplace of ideas cannot survive in an environment polluted by the kind of mentality that considers it acceptable to silence opposing voices, whether that mentality exists in some lefty message board or in the halls of a major university.



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