Today, tobacco…

30 06 2009

…tomorrow, everything else?

Remember when I got all flustered about the government’s move on cigarettes?  It wasn’t that long ago, so you’d better.  Remember how I said fast food would be next?  Yeah, well, they’re laying the groundwork.

David Kessler, former head of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has warned that snacks, cereals and ready meals devised by food scientists can act on the reward centres of the brain in the same way as tobacco.

Apparently that Whopper is carefully designed to stimulate your “bliss point.”

Poor guy just can't help it.

Poor guy just can't help it.

“It is time to stop blaming individuals for being overweight or obese,” said Kessler. “The real problem is we have created a world where food is always available and where that food is designed to make you want to eat more of it. For millions of people, modern food is simply impossible to resist.”

In non-nannystatese, that means that evil, diabolical food megafascistcorporations are guilty of making food taste good.  So good, in fact, that you want to, you know, eat it.

Now to unleash my superweapon upon the population—sodium!

Now to unleash my superweapon upon the population—salt!

This demonization of eeeeevil tasty burgers and the like follows the same path as that of tobacco.  As soon as some well-meaning bureaucrats decide that that the average American just can’t fend off the seductive advances of tobacco (and now, fast food), the government declares that it is its duty to regulate the offensive substance out of existence.  They will even invent stupid, pseudoscientific terms, like “bliss point,” in a desperate attempt to justify their idiotic “findings.”

It’s all for our own good, of course—because clearly, we are making bad decisions and need the power of the loving, caring state to set us back on an even keel.

It makes me sick to my stomach, literally.  I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my gut that booze is on the short list of demonic products that must be stopped. Again.

That social experiment worked.

Party foul!

Oh, I guess it is. Says Professor Ian Gilmore, who is probably one of the most boring people in the world to party with:

“We need an international framework convention for alcohol control, similar to that on tobacco, as soon as possible, to put into practice the evidence-based measures needed to reduce alcohol-related harm.

“These include increasing the price of alcohol, reducing its availability and banning advertising, and the action needs to start now.”

No, you jackass, we don’t.  People have been drinking alcohol since the dawn of civilization.  I’ve read that alcohol caused civilization—people wanted beer in vast quantities, which requires agriculture on a vast scale.  I’ll find that article and post it eventually.

Sure, neither David Kessler nor the aforementioned Buzz Killington are actually in positions of power, but the former was the head of the FDA, and the latter is supposedly a respected professor.  They aren’t fringe health-nut loonies who have no credibility.  That’s the scary part.

They can take our fries, but they CANNOT TAKE OUR FREEDOM!

They can take our fries, but they CANNOT TAKE OUR FREEDOM!

None of the things I’ve mentioned—tobacco, fast food, or alcohol—are good for you in large quantities.  Consumed responsibly, however, they are greatly enjoyable.  But how can you tell a group of people that they are not responsible for their self-destructive actions (smoking a pack while waiting in line at the drive through because your hangover is so bad you can’t cook a decent meal, for example) and expect them to behave responsibly?



3 responses

1 07 2009

I couldn’t agree with you more … and how!

1 07 2009
Thom Douglas

Our government is getting exceedingly ridiculous as the days go on. I can only hope our vehicle isn’t searched on the trip up north for the 4th…

2 07 2009

Graham – Thanks for the good laugh(s) on a very serious issue.

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