News from the Home Front

1 07 2009

It’s sure been busy around here lately.  Yesterday, I pulled the boat out of storage (apparently no worse for wear), and the Wagoneer proved to be an able towing vehicle.  Of course, the trailer lights don’t work yet…they need an adapter to hook up to the truck, and I bought the wrong adapter.  Good grief.

It's good to have the boat out of storage.

It's good to finally have the boat out of storage.

Actual pictures of the boat will follow as soon as I bother to take them.  I also tracked down some awesomely retro fabric for making the seat cushions, so prepare to be amazed.

In other news, the Packard is now a completely eviscerated shell that will be going to the body shop for a long-awaited paint job tomorrow.

It looks so sad...

It looks so sad...

Without the chrome, it looks like a totally different vehicle.  A sad, pathetic, chromeless vehicle.  Again, prepare to be amazed by the rejuvenation; it will be the same color, but shinier.

We’re heading up to the UP tomorrow for Independence Day Weekend, and I’ve got a lot of running around to do before then.  I’ve got to exchange adapters, get a sling for my Ruger 10/22, and, of course, drop off the Packard.  I’ll try and keep posting over the weekend, but my computer is in the shop so I’ll have to find one to borrow.

And about that beer-civilization thing I mentioned?  I wasn’t dreaming.  According to this old piece, by that fun-loving, blue jeans-hating yuckster George Will, alcohol actually strengthened the gene pool:

To avoid dangerous water, people had to drink large quantities of, say, beer. But to digest that beer, individuals needed a genetic advantage that not everyone had.

Natural selection in action.

Natural selection in action.

But I was actually thinking further back than post-feudal urbanization.  It might have been this National Geographic article, which I think is worth reading—and I don’t even like beer that much.

I’d try to find some kind of funny picture to accompany that link, but I’m off to pack.




One response

7 07 2009

We should have taken pictures of ourselves pushing the Packard “shell” up the driveway! Highly entertaining 😉

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