Wow, I’m back!

12 07 2009

It’s been over a week since my last post—I’ve been in the UP for the bulk of that time, and I just spent last night near Traverse City.  Hopefully you all missed me.

I think I’ve washed off all of the bug spray, which will be reapplied shortly (when I go back up later this week), so now for a brief recap of my activities:

After many grueling hours on the road last Wednesday (or was it Thursday?  I can’t even remember) I  made it to the cottage.  The weather was incredible; with the exception of the 6th, it remained 75° and sunny for pretty much the whole week.  The UP needs better publicity, since I’m shocked at how many people don’t even know it’s up there.  Or perhaps it’s better that it remains something of a secret.

This is more or less what the beach looked like.  I'm not even joking about this*

This is more or less what the beach looked like. I'm not even joking about this*

I also ventured out into the untamed woods surrounding Carnegie Trails, something I’d never really done before.  There’s some kind of small lake back in there, which I’ll find eventually.  My friend Joe came up for a few days, and we did some exploring and target shooting back there. It was a pretty good way to celebrate Independence Day.

Also, I seem to be semi-immune to mosquito bites, which has got to count for something.

I managed to take the kayak out more or less every day for a bit since the lake was so flat—something that’s pretty unprecedented.  There was enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away, and the water itself was warm.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that things were more or less  perfect up there (hence my eagerness to return as soon as possible).

Oh, and inspired by some ancient Finnish Midsummer Night tradition, we built a raft, dragged it out into the lake, and set it on fire.

Some people were having trouble visualizing this.*

Some people were having trouble visualizing the whole process.*

It was a cool concept, and the raft burned (at least) until we got too cold to watch it anymore, which highlights a minor flaw with the whole bonfire-on-a-raft thing: fire can’t really warm you if it’s 150 feet away on a lake.  Next time—because rest assured that there will be a bigger, better raft in the future—I’ll build a fire on the beach as well.

I’ve got to unpack and do laundry before packing again, but I do intend to post more in the next few days (even if I have to go to the Internet cafe in Naubinway to do so).  In any case, it’ll be easier to write this stuff once I get my computer back, which should happen tomorrow.  So keep an eye out for:

•My 4th of July ruminations on the Declaration of Independence, which are on a legal pad somewhere!

•News about the Packard, which I’ll be reassembling in the next few weeks!

•The relaunching of my boat, which is now more varnished than ever!

•The soon-to-be-made boat upholstery, which is totally, shamelessly, retro!

•My thoughts on this guy, plus general comments on the so-called Czars!

•The ukulele I just bought over the internet, which is certain to alter the course of my entire life in mysterious ways!

*Joe, being an art student, still uses film.  I’ll post pictures from the 4th of July weekend once he gets them  developed and I scan them in.  Consider the substitutes above placeholders—and yes, the beach was practically that nice.  The sand was a little less white though.  You’d have never known it was Michigan.  The picture of the raft is pretty accurate though.



One response

13 07 2009

A few thoughts:

1. Thank you for the visual of the raft on fire! I know I was part of the “some people” who was having issues visualizing the process.
2. Please teach me your tricks for becoming immune to mosquito bites. I wanted to cut off my right arm last week because I had SO MANY BITES and it itched like CRAZY.
3. Ukuleles remind me of two things: Hawaii and Spongebob Squarepants…hopefully you can help me break out of this mindset…


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