Evening Update

15 07 2009

I’m about to call it a night since it’s distractingly humid and we don’t have our air conditioning on, but I figured I should let you all know that the ukulele is on its way from Hawaii:

You're all as pumped as I am—don't worry, I can tell.

You're all as pumped as I am—don't worry, I can tell.

It sure seems like it departed San Diego an awfully long time ago.  Hopefully it gets here before I leave for the UP again, since I could use the time to practice.  I’d eventually like to learn Jimmy Buffett’s Pencil Thin Mustache and the Eagles’ Hotel California.

Even though the minor amount of rain we got this evening was not enough to clear up the humidity, which is so bad it’s making my as of yet unread, hard-cover copy of Human Action to warp, I was able to determine that my windshield gasket repair was successful on the Wagoneer.  This means that I only need to fix the Biblically-sized right passenger door leak and I can put the carpeting back in.  In the meantime, I’ll finish up the headliner re-installation and take pictures of the thing now that it looks kind of like a luxury SUV again.

Also, because you probably care about my personal life as much as you care about my political views, I’ve resolved to get my hair cut tomorrow.  My hair and I have a complex, intimate relationship, so it’s always hard for me to bring myself into the barber shop to get inches of it chopped off.  And since I decided that my plan to grow my hair out a few more inches and start dressing like Thomas Jefferson was probably better left unexecuted, tomorrow’s the day.  Probably.

I'd look pretty dashing with a cravat.

I'd look pretty dashing in a waistcoat with a cravat.

My hair does grow back pretty fast though, so there’s always next summer.



One response

16 07 2009

I felt I should leave comments with their according posts. You bought a ukulele?? I never would have guessed. Ever. Also, you aren’t the only one with an intimate relationship with your hair. I’ve noticed other people are quite fond of it too.

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