Out for the night

17 07 2009

I spent the day helping move my Grandpa’s belongs from one senior living facility to another.  He needs more care than the original facility could provide (for the moment, at least), hence the move.  It ended up taking a bit longer than expected, but I’m sure the experience gave me great, deep insight that I’ll come to appreciate with some perspective.

Honestly, though, I didn’t mind helping make the move—it’s just that I can’t stand assisted care facilities.  To be fair, both of the facilities, past and present, are very nice, and I’m glad he is able to enjoy the sense of community they aim to provide.  Were he at home, he’d have far fewer chances to interact with people.

It goes without saying that my mother and her siblings want the best for their father, but I wish there was some better way to provide the care and attention he needs.  This modern world, for all of its conveniences, doesn’t leave many option for the elderly.  Medicine can extend lives, but it still can’t cure heartbreaking illnesses like Alzheimer’s.  And there’s no family farm for my Grandpa to retire to.

Anyway, I can’t offer any solutions, but I selfishly hope my parents are too stubborn to let anyone care for them in their old age so my sister and I won’t have to deal with it.

Also, I overcame my Samson Complex  and got my hair cut the other day.

It always feels kind of like this...

It always feels kind of like this...

It’s pretty short, but it grows back fast.  I have to remember to withhold judgement on any haircut for a few days, because, as my sister said, guys always look terrible when they first get their hair cut.

I’m out for the night, since I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be in the Lower Peninsula and I’d like to remind my friends that I exist.  Tomorrow, I’d really like to write down my thoughts about the intellectual indiscretions of Obama’s Science Czar—be sure to check that out.  It’s pretty surreal.




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