Wanna buy a t-shirt?

21 07 2009

Sure, mankind may have landed on the Moon forty years ago this weekend—but something else happened that doesn’t get quite the same magnitude of celebration as Apollo 11.  Nothing coming to mind?  Here’s a hint: it involves Ted Kennedy, a car, ten feet of water, a brisk moonlight swim, and using your family’s political connections to avoid prosecution.

That’s right!  The so-called Chappaquiddick Incident took place on July 18, 1969, and it’s widely believed that the Kennedy family staged the Moon landing two days later as part of an elaborate cover-up.  And while there are probably hundreds of moonshot-themed articles of clothing out there (not that I checked), there’s only one t-shirt inspired by Teddy’s midnight dip that’s I’ve been able to find.

But don’t bother looking for that shirt—I’ve designed a better one (maybe).  It’s more colorful and far more subtle; check it out below.

Rough draft.

Rough draft.

Tasteless?  Probably, but so is leaving a young woman to die in an upside-down car and then not bothering to mention it to the police .  It’s a rough draft, mind you; I’ll probably clean it up and maybe change the colors.  If you want one, send me an email (graham.kozak@gmail.com).  I’m only half-joking.

Oh, and I’m getting better at the ukulele.  Just letting you all know.




One response

22 07 2009

Graham — I am very impressed with your blog. It is exciting to see young people out there with an intellegent, rational and active mind which has not been brain washed with liberal political correctness and Big Brother thinking (or non thinking as the case may be). Good for you. The great genes from which you come are evident. By the way, love the T shirt !

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