What’s up with all the Birth Certificate stuff lately?

23 07 2009

I had mistakenly believed that the whole “Barack Obama is a secret Kenyan” theory died down after he was sworn in, but over the past week it seems to have inexplicably bubbled to the surface again.  I’ve been getting chain emails about it from several sources, it’s been debated and mostly shot down (again) on numerous blogs, and even Chris Matthews saw fit to mention it the other day on Hardball.

I’m left wondering why.  Obama’s the President—I doubt that there would be an un-swearing in ceremony if it was discovered that he came from Kenya or outer space; in fact, if anything, it would make his Historic Climb to the Top even more inspiring! or something.  And don’t forget that his stepping down would leave Joe “the Sheriff” Biden as our Commander in Chief (or, barring that, Speaker Pelosi), assuming the order of succession was followed accurately.

Not to mention that there’s plenty of evidence that he was indeed born here.  Like this birth announcement from the Honolulu Adviser (read about it here):

Unless they altered every survivng copy of the paper, in which case I'm padlocking my refrigerator.

I’m inclined to believe my eyes in this case, unless they altered every surviving copy of the paper.  In which case I’m padlocking my refrigerator.

Besides, it’s not like Obama’s poll numbers are untarnished.  Far from it; he’s in trouble in a lot of ways, and Carter comparisons are becoming more and more mainstream.  The way to “retake” DC in 2010 and 2012 is to attack the Administration’s policies and offer a positive alternative, not try to delegitimize the President on the basis of citizenship.

There is one obvious and legitimate question that those demanding proof of citizenship do ask, however: where exactly is that birth certificate?  A computerized birth record and a newspaper clipping are strong evidence, to be sure—but presenting the damned certificate would end debate.  So why doesn’t he do it?

Because he’s a politician, of course!  Look at the Machiavellian political minds in his Administration: Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and, of course, the Lightworker himself.  Surely one of them knows that (any unintentional racist coding aside) if you give your opponents a long enough rope, they’ll hang themselves with it; that’s just what those questioning Obama’s citizenship are doing.

I’m sure the Bamster has several copies of his birth certificate filed away somewhere, all quadruple-notarized and stamped with a shiny metallic gold seal of authenticity.  Hell, he probably uses copies as place mats in the White House.  But as long as people keep attacking his legitimacy instead of his idiotic policies, he has no incentive to release the goods.

And I’m not the only one who thinks that that particular political ploy, not his country of origin, is the real conspiracy here.  David Codrea at the War on Guns Blog (worth reading if you value your 2nd Amendment Rights) says something very similar in this post.

Obviously, you’re entitled to think, say, or believe whatever you want.  But keep in mind that the apparent lack of a birth certificate could serve Obama and his Administration far more effectively than those that question his legitimacy, particularly if he were to release his certificate right before re-election (making everyone questioning him look like a pathetic kook).  Attacking his ideology and policies is more prudent and is proving to be fairly successful on its own.




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