Back downstate, for a while at least

15 08 2009

It’s been quite a while since I’ve bothered to post anything.  That’s largely because it’s been quite while since I’ve been home.  I’d probably still be on the lake, relaxing and not writing blog posts but for the siren song of irresponsibly large engines, dual exhausts (both real and fake), screeching tires, and police cars pulling over and ticketing anyone who so much as thought about making their tires screech;  I enjoyed my time at the cottage, but Dream Cruise attendance is paramount to working on my tan.

I never did get around to posting anything from the internet cafe in Naubinway.  That’s largely because nothing much happened.  In fact, in recounting the past few weeks is more of an exercise in describing what didn’t transpire than anything else.

For example:

•I didn’t get the Cato internship I’d been hoping for.  I’ll be applying again for next year (quitters never win &c.).  In the mean time, it’s back to Ann Arbor.

•I didn’t have enough beer or liquor on hand to drown my crushing disappointment in, so I instead starting reading voraciously.

•My outboard motor didn’t run reliably.  It did, however, run just long enough to get me stuck in the middle of a lake as the sun was going down.  More on that to follow.

•I didn’t start reading Human Action.  I’m a bit afraid to pick it up and crack it open, to be perfectly honest; it’s pretty daunting.   But I did read The Great Austrian Economists, which explained the evolution of the free-market Austrian School from the 16th century onward.

•I didn’t know the Wagoneer could go that fast.

•I didn’t get pulled over by the State Trooper hiding in the bushes on southbound I-75 yesterday.  Maybe my speedometer is just really optimistic.

•Many other things simply didn’t happen, leaving me a good deal of time to cook, shoot the rifles, and relax.

But today is the Dream Cruise.  Last night I rode in the newly splatter-painted Wrangler, and I’ll be going back again this afternoon.  I’m about to head out and wash the Wagoneer—it’s not muddy enough for the “my truck is so raw, I drive on gravel roads sometimes and rarely go to the carwash” look, but it’s too dusty to be presentable in my mind.

Fittingly, it’s about four hundred degrees here, and will probably be about five hundred on Woodward.  That’s why I’m waiting to go until later, in contrast with every other year where I’ve fried my brain walking around at the hottest possible part of the day.  Also I don’t want the Wagoneer to catch fire.  The temperature gauge is broken, which is probably for the best.  I need not know that the engine compartment  has reached shuttle reentry heat levels.

Finally, when I went to check the weather for Royal Oak to see what to expect at the cruise, I got an “Air Quality Alert for Oakland County.”  Basically, since it’s hot or something, you’re supposed to:


…and presumably idling your catalytic converter-less cars for hours on end on a glorious ten-mile-long parking lot.  I think I speak for all of the Cruise attendees when I say bite me, National Weather Service.




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