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19 08 2009

If you’re going to rip out your carburetor and tear it completely apart, you should probably wait until you already have the rebuild kit on hand.

The Wagoneer has a Motorcraft two-barrel carb that I decided to tear down yesterday. I’m not really sure why I thought I could put it back together without buying a rebuild kit, but hey, I tend to learn things the hard way. Fortunately, I’ll have one by 9:30 tomorrow morning; it turns out that Motorcraft built carbs for both Ford and AMC, and the particular model I’m dealing with was used, in one form or another, since 1957. Yeah, I’m using the same carburetor as the Edsel, for what that’s worth.

Anyhow, this gives me some time to do general engine maintenance. The Dream Cruise run was a success, with no overheating, but I’d like to get the heat problem (I guess AMC engines, though considered “bulletproof,” are known for this) under control. Novak sells some pretty cool radiators designed specifically for Jeeps:



Of course, I can’t find an official published price, but indications point to such things being pretty affordable.  I also want to get some real, metal gas cans (a.k.a. “Jerry Cans”) to keep around in case of emergency or if I want to go off roading.  They also look cool.

Maybe something like this, but with less Toyota FJ?

Maybe something like this, but with less Toyota FJ?

I’ve got some (actually, a lot) of pictures to post, but my camera is temporarily out of my possession. Long story. In the meantime I’m going to tinker around with the Jeep; I figure that since I don’t have a working carburetor, I can’t do any real damage until I try to start it back up tomorrow.




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