First Day of Class!

9 09 2009

My first two classes were today (er, Tuesday, I guess); I had Econ 102 and Spanish 101. Tomorrow, I have my Money and Banking course and the sure to be riveting Survey of Russian Literature.

I’m pretty sure I took that last class just so I’d be guaranteed to have something to complain about. Right now, I’m trying to figure out if the reading list is more effectively calculated in pages or pounds; I thought we’d be reading, I dunno, Dostoyevsky short stories or something—you know, the upbeat, feel-good novellas that the Russians are known for.

No such luck. Whatever masochist/sadist or Russian literature fanatic (but I repeat myself) came up with the reading list must have thought that his/her three-credit course was the only thing that his/her students would focus on for the semester, since I just ordered a copies of War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, and three other renowned doorstoppers.

In all probability I’ll end up enjoying the class, but again, it will give me a lot to complain about.

And all that complaining will hopefully relieve the stress of Econ 102. The professor seems like a nice enough guy. But the econ book he chose to teach from was written by Paul Krugman and his wife. That should speak volumes right there; while Krugman is certainly an excellent, well-respected economist, his political views are, to put it academic terms, retarded. And of course, I absolutely had to get the newest edition (surprise! So new that no used copies were available!), which ran me $137. So much for the liquor budget. And eating.

Oh, and if I’ve talked to you about the state of economic education at most major public universities, I’ve probably explained to you that in my non-professional opinion, modern academic economists have turned the Dismal Science into nothing but a scientific examination of graphs and charts (my words, more or less). Maybe I’m wrong for wanting to get more philosophical and less mathematical, but that’s just how my brain works I guess.

So what’s the first thing that the professor says during the introduction to the Econ 102 class I’m spending a semester in? Why, that at this point, we’ve more or less reduced economics to a study of charts and graphs (his words, exactly).





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