First Week in Review

10 09 2009

Since I have no class on Fridays, my first week of the academic year was over as of 4:00 this afternoon.

I think I’m going to survive the semester.

While it may not be easy to find professors who share my views, my (relatively) light class load should give me a good amount of time to get involved with extracurriculars (more on that later), and it seems like my classes should be fairly enlightening to the extent that the professors can remain objective.  I mean, the economics department is probably one of the few places on campus that can’t afford to be too leftist, since you can only deny so much reality before people stop taking you seriously.  I hope.

And I’m expecting the Survey of Russian Lit course to be, well, fun.  The professor has a heavy Russian accent and appears to be smitten with Imperial Russia; the class only covers literature written between 1820 and 1860, probably because she doesn’t like Bolsheviks.  She seemed genuinely upset that the Romanovs got done in Chicago style.  Who knows, maybe she’s secretly Anastasia’s great-great granddaughter or something.  Anyway, all of the lit we’re reading is from Russia’s “Golden” period, and depraved nobles are just so romantic.

Vodka time!

Vodka time!

Also, the class satisfies my upper-level writing requirement, which I didn’t even realize when I signed up (No, really.  I took the class for the hell of it, and this is just a nice bonus).

If nothing else, this semester should be a good indicator of whether U of M remains the right place for me.  I know that no university or college is perfect in every respect, and one is always going to have to make some compromises (in education as well as life).  The question that remains for me is whether the nearl limitless extracurricular activities Ann Arbor offers are enough to offset my lack of academic interest; I simply understand economics when it is taught in terms other than those accepted here, and I’m not sure how I can change that other than transferring.

No matter how the semester plays out academically, I do plan on applying for a winter internship and doing more for the Michigan Review (the campus conservative-libertarian paper) and getting more involved with the College Libertarians.  Campus is just as polarized as the rest of the country, and both of those organizations have seen a huge surge of interest this semester (so far).  I personally would like to take over the Michigan Review’s blog, since I’d be able to cross-post anything I write to this blog.  Plus, it would give me further incentive to write something, however simple, on a daily basis, something I’m getting back into the habit of.

College Libertarians offers a lot of opportunities for me as well—for one, I’d like to help get the message of individualism out on campus, and the politically atheistic College Libertarians seems like a great vehicle to do just that.  Contrary to what the name might suggest, it’s not affiliated with the national Libertarian Party (unlike the College Republicans and Democrats).  In fact, I believe that a fair amount of grant money the organization recieves is contigent on it being apolitical (may be wrong on that).

At this point, it’s impossible to say how the semester will go.  With only 14 credit hours on my schedule, I should have plent of time to, uh, find myself, or whatever one does at college.  In any case, stay tuned!




3 responses

11 09 2009


I’m still waiting for part two of your visit to Hillsdale. Is it the additional semester that’s holding you back from transferring?

I’ve read a few of the books listed on your Russian lit class. Gotta love those Russian romantic authors even though they’re stories are so tragic.

Did you read about John Stossel leaving ABC for Fox Business & News and that he’s a libertarian?

11 09 2009
Graham Kozak

I’ve been meaning to get around to part 2 since, well, part 1. The real issue is the trade-offs between academics and extracurricular activities, since I’m fine with spending an extra semester at school (be it U of M or some other institution). I’ve been waiting to get settled here in hopes of gaining some perspective, but I’ll probably end up posting the second part tomorrow since the game doesn’t start until 3:30…

11 09 2009
Graham Kozak

Oh, and I did here about John Stossel; on the one hand, it’s great that he’s moving to a place where his opinions are generally more accepted. On the other hand, his work on ABC did help bring his views to a less-exposed audience. On Fox, he’ll be more or less preaching to the choir.

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