Is this Presidential?

15 09 2009

I know that Obama really, really, wants to sell his proposed health care reforms (or is it health insurance reforms?  I can never remember what the focus groups have decided to call it this week) to an American public who wasn’t swayed by his latest error-riddled speech.

But come on—is the Late Show really the best public forum available to our fearless leader?  Yeah, that’s right, Obama’s going to be the first President to appear alongside Letterman.  He already hit the Tonight Show this March, but who knows—now that Conan’s in charge, he might have to make a second appearance.  And who can forget the time that the Commander in Chief commanded Stephen Colbert to shave his head?  What fun!

This appeals to my juvenile sense of humor and lame attempt at poltical sophistication!

This appeals to my juvenile sense of humor and lame attempt to be politically sophisticated!

While I know that Obama’s political advisers’ cultural savvy is supposed to appeal to my generation’s idiotic sensibilities, pretty much everyone my age is already behind the Bamster because he’s like, really in touch with their ideals and hopes and stuff.  And it’s not like anyone my age watches Letterman in the first place.  So who exactly is the President trying to appeal to?  I don’t really know.  A smaller and smaller group, to be sure.

In any event, I believe that the President’s desperate attempts to elevate himself above the rank of God-Emperor to the status of Pop Icon are frankly unpresidential.  Sitting down with a crass old man like  Letterman in a poorly-calculated attempt to salvage your sinking approval ratings is below the dignity of the Office of the President; I don’t care what party you belong to.

The upside to Obama’s incessant appearances is that, like any other publicity-whoring celebrity, the man is devaluing his own image.  Eventually people will get tired of seeing his mug all over primetime—give it a while.  Next time, perhaps we’ll have learned to elect an actual leader, not another entertainer-in-chief.

…shoot, I’ve still got to write about ACORN, especially after the bomb that got dropped today.




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