16 09 2009

I want to write a long, insightful post on how inspiring I am by the two aspiring muckrakers that are currently bringing down ACORN, but I was so, well, inspired, I don’t have time to write the post. Tonight at least.  Then again, I still have to write down my thoughts on the Renaissance Festival…

As promised, I got more involved in campus groups.  Currently, I have to write two articles for the Michigan Review; one deals with the brewing trade war with the Chinese over tire imports, and the other a review of P.J. O’Rourke’s newish book Driving Like Crazy.

Also, we had a successful College Libertarians meeting this evening, preceded by a dinner at Cottage Inn.  The pesto primavera pizza comes highly recommended.  In attendance was former Michigan State Congressman and head of the Michigan Taxpayer Alliance, Leon Drolet.  He’s got a lot of enthusiasm and I look forward to working with him in the future.  The College Libertarians have quite a few high-profile events scheduled for the next few months which I urge you to check out if you’re on campus:

•Annual Gun Raffle (actually a $250 gift certificate for a shop in Dexter)

•”Freedom Fest” on the Diag (name pending; sounds a bit Hannity-esque at the moment)

•Shooting range venture (what could go wrong?)

•Speakers/debate on health care reform, possibly featuring real, live Canadians


…dates are forthcoming.

Further, I’m planning on making a brief, weekly or bi-weekly College Libertarian newsletter informing members of interesting political developments, internship opportunity, new groups on campus, etc.

And, some of us at the meeting signed up for an Austrian Economics interest group.  Could this be the beginning of an informal economics club a la the one that exists at Hillsdale?  If that’s the case, I might get in contact with them for resources, ideas, and support; if nothing else, it would give me an opportunity to interact with members of the college even if I wind up staying here.

Finally, it’s rush season, so the fraternity is bustling.  Our reputation is growing far beyond our expectations, and we’re looking at a great group of potentials this semester.

I’m pretty sure there’s black mold in one of the couches around here, because my sinuses are killing me.  I’m probably going to take a benadryl and get some rest…




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17 09 2009

Hey, if you’re willing to extend membership in this Austrian group outside of the CLs I’d be interested in joining.

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