13 10 2009

I’ve got my first Econ 310 (Money and Banking) exam tomorrow; this should be interesting. The textbook is actually pretty good. Is it worth the $180 I paid for it?  That remains to be seen. But it does do a pretty good job of demystifying the Federal Reserve System and its shady dealings.

For contrast, I’ve been reading The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays.  It contains a ten-page Mises essay that deftly explains the business cycle and deals with why we’re in the mess we’re presently in, as well as several Depression-era works that (quite diplomatically) shred the case for economic interventionism.  I’d like to share some highlights, but at the moment, I’ve got to study some more…maybe tomorrow, after the exam?




3 responses

14 10 2009

Good luck on the exam!

14 10 2009

I’m a relatively new convert to Mises too. Glad to always encounter blogs like yours which indicate the message is spreading.

I stumbled upon it hoping to research taxation policies among Ukrainian Kozaks, so write something about that. Okay?

14 10 2009

Your writting style fascinates me.

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