Go Ahead…

15 10 2009

…make my day.

Looks like those sniveling bastards in D.C. are going to try to pass health care reform as a “budget reconciliation” issue requiring a simple majority, and while I haven’t found other sources backing up this particular utterance from that high-ranking sleazeball Rangel, this isn’t really such a surprise.

The so-called “nuclear option” of budget reconciliation (although strictly speaking, that mechanism isn’t the nuclear option) has been on the minds of all of those hollow husks of human beings we for some reason consider our Congressional representatives ever since it became apparent that public opinion was shifting on the issue.  But hey, if this isn’t just another false alarm, I might have actually written about something before it became a Drudge headline!

Yes, Republicans used this tactic (indeed, somewhat underhandedly since its intent is to enact emergency budget legislation) to pass the Bush Tax cuts, but not only did those deal with something at least tangentially related to the budget, they also have a rapidly approaching sunset date.  This healthcare reform leviathan has no such built-in escape hatch.

Oh, and in order to even qualify for this “reconciliation” option, which allows bills to pass by simple majority, it needs to be deficit-neutral.  I don’t truly believe that anyone in this country believes that the bill, such as it is (or isn’t, at the moment), is actually deficit neutral at this point.  Even the most recent CBO analysis relies on so many cobbled together half-truths, imbecilic assumptions, and outright deceptions that I fail to understand how anyone can claim its accuracy with a straight face.

So what happens next?  Who knows.  I really do think that this has the potential to be political suicide for those who vote for it, but the advantage to the “nuclear option” is that it spares a few Democrats in iffy districts (since only 51 Senators would be needed to pass the bill, as opposed to 60).

We’re fast approaching a point where it’s pretty clear that those in D.C. just don’t care what the majority of their constituents think; frankly, I’m not as worried about the approaching doom that is this healthcare reform plan as I would be if it received overwhelming support in the polls.  It’s one thing to pass an idiotic bill with popular support; it’s another thing entirely to force an unpopular and ineffective bill on a populus who isn’t entirely convinced you have a mandate from heaven.

But if a dissatisfied electorate won’t stop the Rangels, Pelosis, and Snowes in D.C. from cramming this thing down our throats, what do we do?  I mean, none of this will go into effect until 2013, so there’s a small chance that the mostly spineless Republicans in office by then could repeal it.  Or something.

It seems the only other option may to pull a reverse Cloward-Piven Strategy and actually, you know, utilize the welfare state to death.  These systems always collapse under their own weight, eventually.  When you’re dealing with an entrenched political system much like one our own is coming to resemble, and reform doesn’t work, accelerating the collapse and then leading the effort to rebuild becomes awfully attractive.


All of this kind of makes one feel a bit like Dirty Harry.  Sometimes, when faced with a dwindling number of options, you have to dare the other side to make a move if only to figure out which way to react.

So come on Pelosi et. al., make our day.




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