It’s Time to Protest!

29 10 2009

You may have already seen this/heard this somewhere:

¡Climate Chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet!

I’d like to say I was disgusted by this, but the sad fact is, it’s not really all that surprising anymore.  Indeed, such crazy statements are a hallmark of the green movement, and, more broadly, the entire progressive movement.  For being the most freethinking, open-minded, and multicultural group of people on the planet, they sure like to tell us what to do.

But it got me thinking.  See, last Wednesday, as part of our “Liberty on the Diag” event, the College Libertarians handed out free cigarettes to protest the smoking ban.  It really raised awareness of the coming (in 2011) ban, something a surprising number of students had no idea about.  Even the nonsmoking students, who declined the free cigarettes, were mostly shocked and appalled that the university would attempt to ban all tobacco product use across the entire campus.  So now we’re gathering support to stop the ban from being implemented.

But let’s say the dunderheaded administration pushes the ban through.  What’s the most effective way to protest it?  You might think sit-ins, takeovers of university buildings, protests and “hey-hey ho-ho” chants, at first.  Then you’ll realize: that’s exactly what how the University administration fought The Man in the 60’s, before they utterly sold out and became fun-sucking suits.



Totally played out.


No, the best way to really get in these cretins’ faces is to just keep doing what you would normally do.  That will aggravate their pea-sized minds to no end—after all, they’re the authority figures now, and we had better listen to them!  My mind delights in the histrionics that will occur after students go on smoking on campus should the ban be passed.  Mindless chanting is easy to tune out, but living your life free of their senseless rules is the best way to get under their skin.

The same applies to this meat/global warming nonsense.  Someone urging you not eat beef for the sake of Gaia?  Tuck into a nice steak dinner.  The more cows we eat, the less there are to emit greenhouse gasses, right?



Yes, I'll have the strip steak with a side of potaoes and FREEDOM, please.

The best thing about this type of protest is that it’s pretty much passive.  In other words, it’s eminently suited to our sedentary culture.  Staging a 60’s-style march involves making signs, thinking up slogans and chants, and dealing with unwashed hippies; my preferred style of protest involves eating meat, enjoying life, and occasionally stoking my Eternal Tire Fire.

I hope you’ll join me.





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