Things I’ve learned

12 11 2009

I changed the oil in the Wagoneer yesterday.  I suspect that something is still a little screwy with the lubrication system, but there don’t seem to be any leaks and it’s not burning oil; levels are holding steady.

So I drained the old oil, filled the power steering fluid reservoir, and checked the spark plugs to see if there was any fouling.  There wasn’t.

Today, I start the thing up, and it’s running a little rough.  It smells a lot richer too, like I’d fiddled with the carb.  Oil pressure isn’t right, and I’m getting backfires when I floor it.  That’s not good.

After taking it for a ride around the block, I parked and popped the hood.  The fuel/air mixture was about right; oil level was good; there were no real visible problems…until I discovered that one of the spark plug cables was unplugged.  They’re tough to pop off, so I’m sure I forgot to put it back on yesterday.  The Jeep had been running funny because the V-8 was actually a V-7.

I’m sure someone with a lifetime’s worth of wisdom can turn this into a meaningful story with cosmic significance.  I lack that deep insight and I’m currently more concerned with plowing through War and Peace to care to try.  So let this be a lesson to you, however prosaic: always replace your spark plug cables.

In the meantime, the Porsche like performance and handling of the Wagoneer has been restored, and I can sleep soundly.

Oh, I also saw this, and thought it was funny/kind of pathetic:

Treasury soliciting donations.

Sure, we’ll get right on that.  (Yes, I know that this isn’t new.  Apparently the government has collected like $50k in voluntary donations since 1913 or something.  How much have private charities voluntarily pulled in since then?)




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