So apparently I have a close relation at Auburn…

13 11 2009

I still need to post my review of ABC’s “V,” but at this point I might as well wait until the second episode goes online tomorrow.  I’ve been trying to get screenshots but it hasn’t really worked out…plus, I was somehow a lot busier than expected today; I helped hand-distribute copies of the Michigan Review this morning (went pretty well), got my hair cut, and took a nap (I have a lot of hair.  Getting it cut is exhausting.).  Just got back from a date party at a comedy club in town, and I’m gearing up for a night of mystery and excitement.

So as I was waiting to get my hair cut, I was reading the Wall Street Journal; nothing really unusual as far as that goes.  There’s an article about students who dress up in coat/tie or dresses for their football games today, which I think is totally the ting to do.  I’ll probably attempt it some time before I graduate.  Then, I saw it:


I would have made that face, too.

Yeah, that guy on the right kind of looks like he could be a frattier brother or cousin of mine.  Maybe it’s just the hair, but…well, if I was adopted or have any secret siblings, the time for full disclosure is now.

The weird thing is, Auburn is where the Mises Institute is, so I’ve been meaning to check the place out.  I’m going to try to take a summer program down there, and if I had been looking to do economics from the start, Auburn probably would have been higher up on my list of schools.

I’m contemplating going to Greenfield Villiage tomorrow depending on what time I wake up and what the weather’s like.  Since I’m no longer allergic to my camera, I might have some photos to post.




6 responses

14 11 2009

You’re better looking, but yes, I see the resemblance!

14 11 2009

Oh my goodness…that is kind of creepy, but still really cool. You should try to meet him.
Additionally, we still need to find your U of M twin–I always see him when I am not with you 😦 He looks a lot like you, and this guy in the photo, except he usually wears sweatpants.

14 11 2009

Hi Nina!

16 11 2009

Hi Mrs. Kozak! 😀

17 11 2009

Nina, you’ll have to take a pic of the U of M twin for me.
Now that I look at the photo again, I see that Auburn man is NOT waving his pom pom, just as Graham would NOT be caught waving one….

15 11 2009

Mary Lou and I (along with Karen and Bill and others) were at the Comedy Showcase last night – Saturday. Is that the show you saw? It was pretty funny – worth the $10 admission for an hour and a half show.

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