Just what we’ve been waiting for!

25 11 2009

In this time of high unemployment and economic strife, there are few things that can really turn a nation’s attitude around like a Hallmark Christmas Special.

Which is why Barack and Oprah Save Christmas is just what the doctor ordered!

No, really, I’m curious as to exactly what the point of this is.  I’m pretty sure C-SPAN already does a Christmas Tour of the White House with the First Lady (yeah, I’ve watched it before).  Isn’t that enough for the Obamas?  I mean, come on, it’s C-SPAN!  It doesn’t get more prime-time than that!

There’s only one thing we know for sure:  if it’s have as awesome as the Star Wars Holiday Special, this thing will be an absolute ratings blowout for ABC.

I'm not really sure why this television event happened either.

UPDATE:  Yeah, I realized that the title was missing a word.  I was writing this in between classes…




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