I’m Back

14 12 2009

No, I didn’t forget I had a blog.  I’ve just been a bit busy and, like I said a week or so ago, pretty burned out.

But the semester is official over today!  This is my last day of class, and after I take care of the in-class Russian Lit exam, I’ve got nothing to worry about except my three other finals.  Awesome!

I did find out about those internships I applied for next semester:  I didn’t get either one.  So I’m back in Ann Arbor.  I guess at this point I’m not really that disappointed, since I can always apply in the future and it just means I can get a few more necessary classes out of the way a semester early.  Plus, I think I’ve got something good lined up for the summer.

Fortunately, my lack of internships hasn’t thrown me into a tailspin of depression, though I’ve been pretty exhausted lately (I’m chalking that up to my horrible sleep schedule throughout the past semester though).  In fact, I’ve been busy.  I made it on to the Michigan Review Editorial Board, which will be a lot of fun once we resume publication after break.  Last Thursday evening, a couple of the College Libertarians and I went to the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance Banquet, where a couple of influential activists received awards for their work—including Frank Beckmann and Robert Bobb.  Beckmann seemed like a decent guy; I told him I’d have to call in to his show some day.

Top all that off with a night at the bars this past Saturday (my first ever!) and studying for finals, and I haven’t had much free time even as the semester is winding down.  I’ll be looking forward to this upcoming break, pathetically short as it might be, and posting regularly again—I really do enjoy it, when I’ve got the time and energy.



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