Oh the Absurdity

16 12 2009

I saw this on Ace of Spades and though it deserved wide dissemination.

Some lefty site (“Public Option Please“) that demands a public option remain a part of any health care reform hosted a nice art contest to promote their cause.  I can’t really criticize that in and of itself though I disagree with their argument, as long as no NEA grants were involved in the competition.

No, the art alone is what needs to be viewed by the public at large, because it so eloquently demonstrates what is wrong with the left’s (and, to be fair, any big-government types on the right’s) perception of government and how it works.

This was the 1st Place winner:

Good execution, horribly misguided message.

So what’s wrong with this nicely designed poster?  It should be painfully obvious to any small-government types: the heart of the country is Washington, D.C.  All blood (wealth?  individual energy?) flows to the heart and is pumped out by the heart; as Gabriel Malor at Ace of Spades describes it, it is a “horrifying image of Washington persistently redistributing the vitality of the United States.”

A federalist system like ours might require a central government, but certainly not one that rises to the relative importance of the heart.  There are a lot of folks (hell, even entire states) that could probably do just fine without D.C., but D.C. could never survive without their productive efforts being siphoned off to feed the leviathan.  I’d prefer to see Washington depicted as the appendix, or maybe the bile duct.

Oh, and the other artistic entries?  There must not have been many of them (or the Obama “O” is some kind of liberal hypnotoad), as this was the 3rd Place winner:

Horrible execution, horribly misguided message.

Where the 1st Place winner is a good design wanting a good message, the 3rd Place (2nd Place doesn’t really warrant comment) design is cluttered; the Obama campaign, when it wasn’t using Futura on every piece of printed material, used the same quasi-baroque flourishes for various seals and emblems.

And then there’s the ubiquitous “O” emblem itself; is health care reform about providing affordable coverage “FOR ALL,” or is about creating a legacy for the Philosopher King?  The left should really figure that out; with Obama’s poll numbers plummeting, they may not want to go around slapping that sunrise-O logo on everything expecting it to become as hot a commodity as Hope T-shirts on Inaguration Day.




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