Survived the first week

8 01 2010

…as if that was an accomplishment, what with all of two days of class.

In retrospect, I probably should have started drinking the absinthe after making the evening’s post; while the Great Lakes Distillery Amerique 1912 Absinthe is great (but what the hell do I know—I’m not exactly an absinthe connoisseur), it’s not exactly a sipping drink.  Or rather, it is a sipping drink, provided that sipping is the evening’s main objective.

I was planning on reading more of Ian Smith’s memoir The Great Betrayal, but alas, that’s not going to happen.  Not tonight, at least.  As some of you may recall (it was certainly before my time) Ian Smith was the Prime Minister of the short-lived nation of Rhodesia, which is now the laughable nation of Zimbabwe.  He’s certainly a controversial figure—bafflingly, probably moreso than Zimbabwe’s currently dictator democratically elected leader—so it’s interesting to read things from his point of view.

My initial estimation is that he was dramatically underestimated by world leaders at the time (as well as the victim of our ongoing pandemic of political correctness); his thoughts as expressed in his writings are clear, intelligent, and eminently readable.  I’ll have to see if my opinion changes after reading his book.  Then, I’ll have to read something from the other side, just to see how much bias is inherent in the work of a former white minority-rule Prime Minister.

I’m sure I’ll find a good amount to disagree with the man on, racism (if indeed he was racist; I’m trying to figure that one out) being one of the most unforgivable (if easy to come under the spell of) fatally flawed concepts.  As always, I’m sure I’ll have much to say on the subject.

Oh, and I somehow managed not to get the University job I applied for, despite a very positive interview.  I’ll just keep telling myself that I was far overqualified.  In any event, I’ll have more time to read.




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