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10 01 2010

I somehow managed to survive last night (and the bottle of champagne and the couple of Death in the Afternoons that somehow magically appeared (I think I somehow made it to the liquor store sometime after 10:00 or 10:30)), and I’m beginning to notice that “survival” is becoming a common theme here.  I’ll try to work on that.

But I’m not here to regale you with tales of my debauchery, as infrequent as it might be.  Instead, I wanted to share an interesting site with you.  Rather, it’s a sort of network of sites started by/run by conservative-libertarian commentator Andrew Breitbart.  He’s kind of like the anti-Ariana Huffington, and importantly, he’s working to make conservatism-libertarianism culturally relevant.

First, there’s Big Hollywood; there’s always a great selection of movie and music reviews, cultural commentary, and articles ripping PBS, NPR, and the NEA.  Liberalism didn’t become a dominant force because it focused on electoral politics—it caputred our culture first.  Sure, we’ve got badasses like Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis on our side, but are they as politically outspoken as Brad Pitt?

Can we get an Eastwood/Willis 2012 ticket? Please?

So maybe Big Hollywood can serve as a forum for intelligent conservatives in or related to the entertainment industry and somehow help to fill the ideological void that exists there.

For example, I like the stuff that Steven Crowder writes at Big Hollywood.  He’s young, smart, funny, and always seems to be on the ball.  Like in this piece on Robin Hood, who he deems a “capitalist hero.” It always bugged me that Robin Hood is seen as an archetypal socialist-collectivist hero because he stole from the rich to give to the poor; even Ayn Rand took this view (in Atlas Shrugged I think, but I don’t have my copy with me).  It’s not like Robin Hood stole from those who actually earned their money; he ripped off those corrupt government officials who stole from their own people.  But Crowder explains it better in his article, so read that instead.

Then, there’s Big Government, launched late last year.  It was instrumental in distributing the infamous ACORN prostitution videos, and usually takes a more serious tone that Big Hollywood.

Finally, there’s Big Journalism, which seems to exist mostly to call out the media on its bias and hypocrisy.  We can never have too many outlets for that.

Conservatives and libertarians have to regain control of the internet, especially as conventional media becomes less and less relevant.  Breitbart and his network of sites are doing a commendable job taking on the left-leaning titans of online media like the Huffington Post and DailyKos.  It’s worth regularly checking out Breitbart’s sites, along with a variety of other blogs (maybe I’ll go over those some day soon); you’ll always be informed, entertained, and maybe even a bit reassured that we can eventually win this ideological fight.




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