I know, I know, everyone likes to make fun of California…

10 01 2010

…still, this article by George Will is worth a read.

Since the internet in the house is being sketchy, I can’t really make too long a post (or risk losing it while trying to post), but it’s quite interesting to note that California seems to provide a great example of where the US as a whole risks heading: ballooning public-sector growth fueled by unsustainable deficit spending, an insane tax structure that destroys the wealth that it doesn’t outright scare away, and dumb Berkeleyites clamoring for more of the same progressivism that set them circling the drain in the first place.

The difference is that California can always ask nicely for a bailout to cover its fiscal idiocy—and they may get it, if only to help cover up the failure of the progressive model that the current Administration seems to want to implement across the country.

That’s fine and dandy for California residents, who can count on the compulsory generosity of the other forty-nine states’ taxpayers, but where will the US turn to when we need a bailout and the Chinese decide that we aren’t worth the trouble?




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