Two things

12 01 2010

I wanted to write about two things.  One is soul-crushingly depressing; the other should serve as an antidote.

First, there’s this:

Audiences experience ‘Avatar’ blues.

Either CNN is starved for content or this is a real issue.  Apparently, people are so entranced by the world of ‘Avatar,’ which I should probably go see at some point, that they are having withdrawal symptoms.

Yes, it's pretty, but...

Based on the trailer and screen stills I’ve seen, I can understand why people would want to escape to the surreally beautiful world of the movie.  But still to hear stuff like this…

“One can say my depression was twofold: I was depressed because I really wanted to live in Pandora, which seemed like such a perfect place, but I was also depressed and disgusted with the sight of our world, what we have done to Earth. I so much wanted to escape reality,”

…from a 17-year-old, is a bit much.  Plus, the dude is from Sweden, the mythical earthly paradise spoken about in hushed voices by the progressive academic types here in Ann Arbor.  I’m to believe that the fictional moon from Avatar is better than Sweden?

Also, some other guy wanted to commit suicide for a while.  To be reincarnated in the Avatar universe.  Or something.

I don’t really understand why this phenomenon, if it is to be considered such, is worthy of an article—or even surprising.  Every movie creates, to some degree, a fictional universe.  That universe could be set on another planet, in another time, or even in the present era; it’s still fictional, and if it’s compelling enough to make people relate to it on a personal level, it’s a sign of good filmmaking.  Movies are an escape.  It would be unusual if someone didn’t think they’d want to live in the universe of a movie.

I mean, I just saw Public Enemies (I enjoyed the setting and attention to detail more than I enjoyed the actual story, but it was fun) over break.  It’s set in a time period I’d have loved to live in, for various reasons: the 1930s.  Mostly for the clothes, music, and cars, I think.

Couldn't find any decent screenshots of the film, but this behind the scenes picture is pretty amusing.

Yet somehow it never occurred to me that by committing suicide, I’d be reborn into the 1930s.  And I’m sure it’s not just me and the Avatar freaks that would like to live in another time/place.  They just somehow manage to take it to another level.

To wash the above idiocy out of your mouth, it might make you happy to know that the Republican contender for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat managed to raise over $1 million in one day.  No, it’s not entirely likely that he’ll win; it is, after all, Massachusetts.  And yeah, obviously, a lot of that money came from out of state.

But if nothing else, that he pulled in so much cash so quickly (and that he actually has a slim chance of being elected to the Senate seat held by the country’s most progressive Senator), plus the tremendous enthusiasm about the ultimately disappointing NY-23 special election last year, should send a pretty strong message to the incompetent and floundering GOP: give us conservative candidates (particularly when it comes to fiscal conservatism) and we will get behind them.




One response

12 01 2010

Read about the sad souls so affected by Avatar; hope they snap out of it before it’s too late.

And with all due respect, as the candidate says, it’s not Kennedy’s seat—it’s the people’s seat!

Good post!

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