The Big One

15 01 2010

Well, I’m home for the weekend (no class Monday due to MLK Day).

I mainly just want to take this opportunity to commemorate my 100th post!

Of course, since I started this thing last spring, I should have more like 300 posts, but hey, it’s surprising enough that I’ve written 99 semi-coherent articles/pieces of brilliant insight up to this point.

What’s even more surprising is that people still read what I write.  No, I don’t have thousands of readers a day.  But to the one or two of you who keep coming back that are not my mom, I say thank you!  I really appreciate it!  This blog gives me a great outlet for my thoughts and my frustrations, and I’m glad some of you relate.  So thanks again.

Now that I’ve cleared the initial hurdle of 100 posts, I’ll try to step things up here to the extent that I have time.  Enjoy the weekend, and I hope you keep coming back for more.




3 responses

16 01 2010

Congratulations! You’re showing SISU, sticking with this. Now, if you’d only learn to say what you REALLY think….

16 01 2010

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post Graham!! 😀

Maybe when I go home for the weekend I’ll make a cake for you like the one in the picture!!

24 01 2010


Your Aunt may not faithfully read your blog everyday, but sooner….or later I do take the time and catch up on what you have to say. A toast to you on your l00th post!

See you soon.

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