The push for health care, explained with shirts

27 01 2010

Towards the end of this past December I came across a link to an online Rock the Vote apparel and accessories shop.  I can’t remember what blog posted the link originally, but I do remember that the shirts ranged from stupid to overdesigned to just plain surreal.

Though ObamaCare seemed to be on the verge of reality back then (and a post on said t-shirts would have been more a bit more relevant) I ended up heading up north so as to ring in the new year with assorted small arms fire and forgot about the whole thing completely.

But something triggered the memory of those bizarre t-shirts.  Even if the legislative monstrosity currently on the table is vanquished, and even if we are able to pass truly market-based health reforms that make health care affordable for millions of those currently lacking without involving the heavy hand of government, the issue isn’t going to go away.  It’s like government-run, European-style health care is some kind of leftist fetish—they’ll always choose it over a free-market plan that’s far superior (not to say that Republicans have really proposed such a plan).

So this issue will always be relevant.  And unless we understand the mentality of those insisting that “free” health care is a right, we’ll never be able to effectively combat their views and sell a viable alternative.  This selection of shirts goes further toward unlocking minds of dedicated leftists than any thesis paper ever could.

First, there’s this:

We deserve health care because we want it!

This is actually kind of scary, and really cuts to the heart of the problem with democracy.  If 51% of the mob public demand something, it must be for the public good, right?  That’s great when you’re in the majority.  But try to see things from the perspective of the other 49% some time.  I could probably get 51% of the country to demand that the other 49% surrender their property and wealth and leave for a foreign land immediately or die—does that make it right?

Not that anywhere near 51% of the population supports health care reform in its current state.

Next, there’s this tote bag:

Hipsters rejoice! Finally, a way to show you care about the environment, organic produce, health care, and poorly imitated 70's/80's graphic design.

The design also comes on shirts and a wide range of inane accessories.  Even if health care reform really wasn’t about constructing some kind of legacy for Obama, his rabid supporters seem downright determined to make that the case.

Finally, there’s this shirt.  I’m still up in the air over whether this was submitted as a joke, but either way, it nicely sums up the thought processes of so many people my age:

Could this be the mother of all non sequiturs?

If this is real, color me stunned.  I know it’s supposed to be funny, or hip, or edgy or something.  But for Christ’s sake, why would you make the hollowness of your agenda this blatant?  I’d be interested to see what these party-loving youth are willing to sacrifice in exchange for their free health care.

Chances are, the answer is: some rich person’s money.  I don’t want to live in a society where that answer is considered acceptable.




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