29 01 2010

…tonight is an important fraternity event, so I don’t have much time to write.  You’ll notice that I didn’t have the time last night either—but don’t worry, tomorrow and Sunday will be fruitful.

I did, however, want to point out that John Stossel picked up on my limited government approach to the Supreme Court’s ruling on McCain-Feingold (I’m sure it was due to my blog post), which was a major point of contention during the State of the Union Address.  See his insightful article here at Reason.

Also from the good folks at Reason (via Hot Air):  Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie makes a darn good case for getting the government the hell out of our lives while discussing the fallacy of the so-called “obesity epidemic.”

Gillespie is, as always, eminently watchable and never backs down from an ideological challenge while always remaining diplomatic.  Why can’t we seem to find more politicians like him?  Probably because if they were more like him, they’d be doing something more productive than stagnating in DC.




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