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5 02 2010

I know, I know, I haven’t been very diligent about posting over the past few days—unfortunately, it’s not because I’ve been relaxing. With midterms on the horizon (as in, next week), I’ve been scrambling to stay on top of things/marginally ahead of the curve.

The State of the Citizen protest on the State Capitol steps was great. 400+ protesters showed up to voice their desire for small government, which, coming from Ann Arbor, is refreshing.

But yeah, it was really cold.

And there were some incoherent BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) hooligans voicing their anger over…well, it wasn’t exactly clear. They wanted to end Wall Street Bailouts (something that no one at the State of the Citizen protest supported either—oops), stop foreclosures (how, exactly?) and guarantee the “right to education” or something. They tried drowning out our speeches with 30-year-old chants (“Power to the people!” etc.), but once their megaphones ran out of batteries, they kind of melted away into irrelevance.

Oh, and I made it into the paper!

That's me above the word "Death" on the "Liberty or Death" College Libertarians banner.

…sort of. My aunt and uncle actually pointed out me in the picture; obviously, I wasn’t named specifically. The College Libertarians did prove to be quite a popular subject for photos; at least four or five people stopped to take our pictures, and several wanted to pose with us. I’m not sure what those photos were for; maybe we’ll show up in some anti-government literature.

Here’s the link to the Free Press article, by the way.

I’m attending an econ symposium tomorrow morning that promises to be interesting. Once I get back to Ann Arbor, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to talk about. And once I find my camera upload cable, I’ll post some of the (largely mediocre) photos I have of the State of the Citizen event.




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7 02 2010

Great picture! You’re FAMOUS 😀

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