CPAC: Day 1

18 02 2010

I was going to do a pre-CPAC post, but then I realized it was largely going to be an excuse for me to make a “CPACking” pun about how I was busy getting ready and decided I’d spare you that nasty surprise.

Anyway, the car ride was about 8.5 hours, and, barring a blizzard in the mountains (large rocky hills?) of Pennsylvania, wonderfully clear.  Not a lot of cars on the road, but thousands and thousands of trucks.  If anything speaks to the fundamental strength of the American economy, it’s that even during a massive economic downturn, we keep on truckin’.

Now I’m here in D.C., sitting in the plush, luxuriant lobby of the Omni Shoreham.  I’m waiting for everyone to get here so I can cross the street to the conference itself and get registered.

At some point in the next 12 hours, I need to find a digital camera cord so I can upload the pictures I’ve yet to start taking, but now, I’m off to get some food (or at least coffee), register, and save a seat for the Marco Rubio event at 10:00.




2 responses

19 02 2010

Hi Graham,
Glad you and your crew made it safe and sound. Hey, were you at the bowling alley with Mitt Romney and Scott Brown?

26 02 2010

I personally really like the “CPACking” pun 🙂

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