Spring Break

10 03 2010

I think I finally got my mind out of spring (winter?) break mode.  I didn’t go to Acapulco, Miami, or Vail, like many of my friends, but sitting around doing nothing at home was probably even better for me than any trip could have been.

And I really do mean that I did nothing—more or less.  I took a CCW class, rolled the Packard out of the garage and did some work on it (and sorted out all of the “pot metal” trim bits and pieces to be refurbished), went to the movies, and hung out, but I definitely didn’t make any to-do lists, because I sure as hell wasn’t up to keeping them.  The past week was kind of like that one scene in Office Space where the main character blissfully sleeps through his wake-up alarms and the endless telephone calls from his boss.

Because I was feeling pretty burnt out.  Still am, actually.  I took on a lot this semester—perhaps a bit too much, especially when it comes to extracurriculars.  Fighting for liberty is a full time job, after all, and it doesn’t leave one much time for trifling things like Statistics 405 (which I’m probably dropping, for now).

I realized I needed some time off when I found myself repeatedly and subconsciously reading over the same half dozen political blogs, endlessly refreshing the home pages and clicking on links with eyes glazed, absorbing no information.  Perhaps the combination of all stuff I’m doing on campus and the trip to DC formed some kind of near-lethal political overdose; I’m really not sure.

So I’m back, somewhat recharged, and still trying to snap out of my break-induced slacker state.  On the bright side, I only have seven more weeks of class, and then I’m off to bigger and better things over the summer!




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