Protests and Such

31 03 2010

Ever wonder why good, hardworking people don’t get together more often to protest—especially now, when good, hardworking people have so much to lose?

We’re seeing a bit of it with the Tea Party/Tax Day/Angry Old White People protests, but with the widespread dissatisfaction with government expansion, you’d expect to see people in the streets everyday.

Well, there’s an obvious reason for it: protests are hard work.

I’ve been busy helping prepare for this Thursday’s “Campus-wide Smoking Ban Awareness Day,” to take place on the University of Michigan Diag.  And there’s a lot to prepare: signs must be made, fliers must be designed and printed, handouts (we’re giving away mini-boxes of candy cigarettes) must be purchased, etc.

Oh, and it takes money.  Fortunately, we received a protest grant from the good people at Students for a Free Economy.

I figured I’d post what I’ve created just to get it out there.  There are three posters that I have made so far:

First, one that clears up some of the “myths” about the ban and the University’s attempts to implement it.

Second, a poster highlighting student opinion as expressed in both major student papers.  Hint: neither support it.

Finally, this is sort of a retro “propaganda” type poster, based on a very similar health care reform-based model.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the original source, hence the lack of credit.  I vectorized all the graphics in order to blow them up to poster size.

If you click on the images, you’ll be able to see them full size.

I’ve been largely neglecting my school work for the sake of this protest and for an upcoming visit by Congressional candidate (and former U of M College Libertarian) Justin Amash.  Turns out that I enjoy this type of work more than I do homework…go figure.

There will be pictures here after Thursday’s protest.  The weather is expected to be pretty close to perfect, and student enthusiasm seems high.

Oh, and here’s the Facebook Page for the “Burn the Ban” movement.  If you’re in Ann Arbor Thursday afternoon, stop by and say hello!



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