Crunch time!

8 04 2010

Today has been rather exciting.  I am now officially the president of the University of Michigan College Libertarians, a role I’m eager to assume.  There’s a lot of room for club expansion on this campus, and there’s never been a better time to sell limited government, pro-liberty principles to misguided college students.

I also participated, along with the former CL president and the current YAF president, in a health care debate put on by the Michigan Economic Society.  Except that it wasn’t really much of a debate: the College Democrats and the College Republicans were so intimidated by the undeniable truths that we were ready to lay down that they completely backed out.

At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Still, we were able to present our arguments before a small group of students and two judges, one of whom is a professor who specializes in economics and public health.  Despite the lack of competition, I know we made some great points.  And it was a great opportunity for me to work on my public speaking abilities.

I’m sure there will be other opportunities to debate this issue in the coming months: the passage of Obamacare is far, far from the end of the debate.  Particularly since I’m confided it will spectacularly fail in its attempts to fulfill its stated goals.

Of course, that pesky paper on Triumph of the Will hasn’t disappeared yet, but I’m roughly halfway through and picking up steam.

The history behind the film is fascinating (though not really the topic of my paper).  If you ever have time, check out The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (I found it on YouTube in parts).  It’s a documentary about the film’s controversial director revolving around interviews with Riefenstahl herself.

It’s a shame that her great talent was wasted in the service of the Third Reich.  She pioneered many filming and editing techniques, evident in Triumph of the Will and even more so Olympia.

The latter film depicts the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where Jesse Owens shamed Hitler’s finest, pure Aryan athletes by bringing home the gold for America.  That the Nazi Party’s finest director beautifully captured and preserved that moment is a sort of unintended justice.




2 responses

9 04 2010
Mary Lou Usitalo

Congratulations on your election/appointment to President of the U-M CLs! I’m sure your tenure will be interesting, challenging and rewarding in many ways. Good luck with advancing and expanding the CL platform on campus. Well done.

9 04 2010

Congrats to you! Hey, how’s that paper coming along? Good Luck!!!!!

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