Crash the Tea Party?

10 04 2010

I spent most of the day hauling back around 7,000 moldy beer cans that had been accumulating in the basement since September.  It was sad to see such an extensive and long term microbiology experiment go, but we did what we had to do.

Turns out it takes a long time to return that many cans, even with four guys on the job.  I spent the rest of the day recovering.  I think the mold got to me a bit.  Definitely not fraternity life at its finest.

While convalescing earlier I stumbled across a link to the “Crash the Tea Party” movement.

Apparently the goal of the movement’s organizer (who is either a 13 year old “anarchist” or is a creepy bearded middle-aged dude; both have about the same ability to construct a rational argument for or against anything) is to “infiltrate the Tea Party” and make Tea Partiers look bad by bringing racist and/or misspelled signs to rallies.

It is a plan so deviously clever that its originator, “Maddy Hatter,” should have probably kept it to himself.  You know, to make sure it stays super secret.  And to avoid the ridicule that such an idiotic plot rightfully inspires.

As was pointed out on Moonbattery:

this is a tacit admission that the Tea Parties are not racist, violent, or stupid. If they were, the lefties wouldn’t have to infiltrate them so as to create that appearance.

Also, doesn’t this kind of undermine the narrative that Tea Parties are a flash-in-the-pan fringe movement that will have no impact on national politics?  After all, they’ve inspired competitors (the self-parodic “Coffee Party“) and gotten some in such a tizzy that they are pledging to waste hours of their time attempting to bring the Tea Party Movement down from within or something.

If you attend a Tea Party rally, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for bigots—real or planted—and be sure to let them know they are not welcome.  They will inevitably be used to define the movement as a whole, which is apparently the point of the super-elite-secret-Alinskyite Crash the Tea Party operation in the first place.

But I’m not sure this will even become a problem.  The group’s forums were so swamped by visitors that they were inoperable earlier, and even now they are dominated by pro-Tea Party posters.  Same with the Facebook group.  Looks like Crash the Tea Party got crashed.  The irony is delicious.


Saw another article on this subject in the Canada Free Press.  No joke, this is a picture of the alleged organizer of the Crash the Tea Party movement:

Pretty much called this one.

His name is apparently Jason Levin, he’s from Portland, OR, and he has a bit too much spare time on his hands.

But yes, he is bearded, and appears to be approaching middle age.  Creepy?  You decide.




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