Good morning!

13 04 2010

Been a hectic weekend.  And a hectic Monday.  Last night, I finally got around to seeing Crazy Heart, and enjoyed it—now I have to write a review for the Review, which was the main reason I finally headed out to the theater.   Also, it inspired me to learn some Merle Haggard songs for the ukulele, so there’s that.

I thought I’d post some pictures of the weekend’s adventures.

First, the cans.  It’s kind of difficult to imagine how much volume 7,000 beer cans takes up, so here’s a picture of all of them:

Not pictured: the four empty kegs we haven't returned yet.

Now, I went out to Brooklyn to pick up a trailer specifically to haul these things back.  Here’s the trailer being loaded:

Yeah, the trailer reeked afterward. I'm not sure if it will ever smell decent again.

…and here it is packed:

Hobo retirement fund?

Pictures just don’t convey the scale or the rich, complex fragrance.  I’ve calculated that for the amount of money we ultimately made off the cans, a bum could by nearly 200 bottles of Thunderbird.

Anyway, in the parking lot of the first Meijer we hit, I saw what was possibly the most awesome mobile home in the history of recreational vehicles.

I’m not sure where it came from or why it was there, but I want one.

My God, I'd be a king of the road.

These Travcos were built into the 1980s, but as far as I’m concerned, one of the late 60s/early 70s models would be the one to get.

And by the time I left Meijer, it had vanished.

Looks like they’re not too valuable.  This guy is willing to trade his for…an XBox 360.  Granted, a restoration would probably cost at least 10k.

Alternatively, a small Airstream would be great and would compliment the Wagoneer nicely.  Those are a bit pricey though.

Sunday, a bunch of the guys from the fraternity went on a shooting trip.  Since most of them probably want to avoid being placed on various watch lists, I won’t post any group pictures.  But here’s me shooting:

Yes, the bayonet is completely necessary.

I finally got my 10/22 zeroed in, and I’m eager to try it on a longer range with a bench rest.  Or maybe squirrel hunting or something.

Now I’ve got to write that Crazy Heart review.  If it’s decent, I’ll be sure to post it here.




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