Immigration reform: never has such a serious issue been so hilarious

28 04 2010

I wasn’t even going to comment on Arizona’s shiny new immigration policies because my views are so brilliant and nuanced that they will take forever to type up, but after hearing about the refried bean swastika I could barely hold back.

Smells like reasoned discourse to me!

Now, after stumbling upon this important development, I feel I can remain silent no longer.

Looks like a bunch of lefties wrote angry letters/emails to Arizona Beverage Company, producers of delicious, refreshing, fascist beverages like Arizona Ice Tea and Arnold Palmer.  By their very nature as a company based in the neo-Nazi state of Arizona, the Arizona Beverage Company is acting as an enabler, allowing the little SS-wannabees in the Grand Canyon State to continue making it a crime to be an illegal alien. Or something.

There’s only one slight hitch with this grassroots, widespread effort to hit the fascist corporatocracy where it hurts via boycott:  the Arizona Beverage Company is based in New York.  Whoops.  But like every other left-wing protest, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Now, I’d like to fully get behind those in favor of Arizona’s new law, which is not nearly as draconian as it sounds.  Except that those reflexively opposed to immigration reform (fearing that “immigration reform” is code for “amnesty”) aren’t really much better in the long run, even if they don’t resort to smearing beans on windows.

To me, this looks like another one of those scenarios where both the left and the right have their heads up their asses (to varying depths).  Once you take a step back, this issue becomes more complex than a tasty Tex-Mex seven-layer dip.

This is going to get really long, so I’ll probably post the rest of what I wanted to say later.  I don’t really have any groundbreaking solutions to this problem—at least, not any solutions that are politically feasible at this moment.  But I’ve got some things for those seriously interested in solutions to consider…more on that later.

In the mean time, keep making bean swastikas and writing letters to any company with “Arizona” in its name.  The ignorance is really, really, entertaining.




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