More cooking-if only I didn’t have an exam looming

28 04 2010

I’m feeling a bit under the weather (allergy season is in full swing) and I have a long day of studying to look forward to, so I’m going to be brief:

I successfully made the “West African Peanut Soup” I was planning on cooking up.  I made my own vegetable stock from random vegetables in the kitchen as well, since I don’t really like the taste of store-bought vegetable broth.  Too salty, or something.

Anyway, here’s the base cooking away:

Definitely took the longest, but didn't really involve work.

After making the vegetable stock and sauteing onions, ginger, and carrots, I added everything to a pot with some sweet potatoes and let it simmer for a while.  Then, I blended everything.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of that since the blenders here are utterly incapable of handling hot substances.  There was some kind of pressure issue that sent the lid, which I was indeed holding down, flying across the kitchen and spraying me with scalding broth.  Awesome!

After cleaning up that mess and slowly puréeing everything, I added a ton of peanut butter plus some chives, and was finally able to enjoy some dinner.

And I have like two quarts more in the fridge.

I’m not trying to turn this into a cooking blog, but I think I’ve figured out why I like preparing food so much:

1.  It’s hands-on.  I’ve always been pretty hands-on.

2.  Room for experimentation.

3.  Gives me time to think.

4.  Tangible results.

Plus, nothing else of note happened today: I dealt with incompetent bank tellers (in the process of trying to change the signatories of the Michigan Review checking account for next year) and studied for my exam Thursday.  I’m pretty much fried mentally, so taking pictures of delicious food is about all I can handle.

Incidentally, I picked a good day for West African food.  The 27th was both Sierra Leone and Togo’s Independence Days.  So, uh, happy belated Independence Day, you guys.  Hope you guys are making the most of it.

There’s been some interesting limited-government stuff in the news lately, so hopefully I’ll be in good enough shape to post it here tomorrow.




2 responses

28 04 2010


I use a stick blender (Braun) to puree hot stuff right in the pot, just like the pros do. It’s fairly inexpensve and comes with chopping attachments.

29 04 2010
E. Varney

Damn you’re good! First, yesterday’s step-by-step illustrated spread and now the W. African Peanut Soup. Thanks for sharing your cooking school – all healthy eat’n.

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