And, as if nothing happened…

30 09 2010

…I’ve decided to fire the blog back up.  I had a hectic, high-stress summer, as anyone who was around me probably picked up on (not that I was really around all that much), so it was probably for the best that I stayed away from as many distractions as possible.  I even stopped reading and commenting on most of my favorite political blogs.  After a certain point, you can only handle so much politicking.

But things have changed substantially since the summer.

While I’m still enrolled at U of M, I’m taking only one class–Spanish–in Ann Arbor this semester.  I’m taking two classes at the University of Detroit Mercy as well (a Macroeconomics class and an International Trade class, both from an Austrian perspective).  Those two classes are more intellectually stimulating that anything I have taken so far at U of M, but that’s a tangent I don’t feel like following now.

Because I suddenly have a lot of free time, I’m trying to educate myself by reading through a stack of books that I’ve accumulated over the past few years but haven’t yet had the time to read.  I’ll be posting that list so as to shame myself into doing the reading, and since I’m doing some actual annotations (oddly, something I never did for required readings) I’ll be doing brief reviews and recommendations as well.

This post is mostly to break the ice after months of inactivity.  Look for a couple of posts daily, at least.  I’ve got a lot to say.



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10 01 2011

Stumbled upon your blog via great lakes gazette. I’m a homeschool mom and fairly new student of economics. (learning on my own!) 1/3 of the way through Atlas Shrugged. Looking forward seeing what you post! Didn’t think there were people like you in the peoples republic of AA!

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