16 03 2011

Hey everyone!  I kind of let my recreational writing activities die off for a a semester and a half to pursue some other projects, which I’ll begin covering here on and off. Of course, I’ve been consistently writing for the Michigan Review, but I never got around to posting my articles or columns here.

Then there’s the crushing feelings of shame and embarrassment that come from realizing I should be doing something (such as collecting my thoughts and posting them here); often, instead of compelling me to act, these feelings encourage me to focus all the more intently on doing everything that isn’t what I know I ought to do. Let’s call this chronic affliction Procrastinator’s Guilt.

All that aside, I’ve come to miss the therapeutic side of committing my thoughts to writing.  If nothing else, it makes my rants (marginally) less rant-like since I can’t rely as much on literal hand waving to drive home my points.

So I’m back, and I’ll try to keep on top of things.




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