Finally, The Michigan Review’s web presence gets an update

23 03 2011

In case you didn’t already know, I write for/publish (which mostly means sending in checks) The Michigan Review, a biweekly campus newspaper that has been staffed and produced by University of Michigan students since its founding in 1982.

The Review’s old website, though not quite as old as the paper itself, was in sore need of an update–one it finally received tonight, when our newly designed site went live.

Check it out here; you can also follow the Review on Twitter if that’s your thing, or look us up on Facebook. Better yet, do all three.

The new site is simple, straightforward, and very clean. Best of all, all of the links actually click through to the correct content! It doesn’t appear that all of the most recent articles have made it online yet, including my analysis of U-M’s financial statement and budget.

I’m supposed to email the link to the article to an individual I interviewed for the story, so let this serve as a public reminder to take care of that once it becomes available.




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