Grant Writin’

18 05 2011

Over the next few days, I’ll be writing the Michigan Review’s annual application for a Collegiate Network grant. The Collegiate Network is an invaluable national organization that supports more than thirty independent campus newspapers, including, of course, the Review.

The CN has traditionally provided the largest single source of operating revenue for the Review, which allows us to publish without relying on funds from the University of Michigan. As we never pull our punches when it comes to controversial campus issues, the autonomy that the grant provides us is absolutely essential.

Of course, we are also supported by a network of dedicated alumni, parents, and other thoughtful supporters (if you’d like to become one of those supporters and receive our biweekly issues by mail, consider donating!).

Working for a campus newspaper is an invaluable experience. Despite the sorry state of commercial print media, the Review and other student-run publications across the country are going strong–thanks in a large part to the support of the Collegiate Network and our generous donors.

Oh, and this is also a great opportunity for me to remind you all that our great new website is up and running…check it out sometime! There won’t be much new content released over the summer, but you can dive into twenty-seven years of archives if you’re so inclined.




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