College Grads Wise Up

22 05 2011

Can poll results be both surprising and completely predictable?

That’s how I would describe a recent survey of 500 recent college grads which indicates that those young, idealistic voters who helped put Obama in the Oval Office are now running away from his presidency in alarming (for the Obama Administration, at least) numbers.

The reason for this turnaround is obvious. College grads are leaving campus with a degree, a load of debt, and frighteningly poor job prospects. Those graduates lucky enough to land jobs and earn respectable livings can’t be too happy with Obama’s constant “soak the rich” rhetoric. It’s a bit harder to advocate a feel-good “spread the wealth around” strategy when it is one’s own wealth on the line.

Of course, it was never supposed to turn out this way; Obama was the candidate who understood the concerns of the supposedly intellectual youth. Unlike those knuckle-dragging Republicans, Obama appreciated the value of a college education. Yet instead of 21st century jobs for everyone, degree holders have been forced to move back in with their parents and compete with their overqualified fellow graduates for the single open barista job at the local Starbucks.

Given our harsh economic reality, it’s no wonder that many individuals are questioning past electoral choices. Still, the speed with which these former Obama supporters are jumping ship is remarkable. People are stubborn, and it usually takes someone a long, long time to admit that what they believed in was wrong–unless the ideology they bought into in the first place was as flimsy and self-destructive as progressivism.

Disillusioned Obama voters are bad news for the current administration, but they’re no sure boon to the GOP. After all, Obama has only been disappointing the young and idealistic since he took office in January 2009; the Republican Party, with its endemic lack of principle, has been disappointing supporters of limited government for over a decade.

The failures of Obama and the ideology he represents have provided us a rare opportunity to change the course of politics in America–so long as we don’t screw up by allowing our leaders to compromise for short-term political gain.




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