Just Awesome: Bart Hickey, Mechanic

23 06 2011

I stumbled across this as I was doing my morning auto blog read-through.

I’m not one for cheesy motivational crap, but the article is pretty inspiring, as is the attached video. It’s about Bart Hickey, who owns his own garage in Alsip Illinois: Bart’s Automotive and Towing. Though he does the auto repairs, he presumably doesn’t get behind the wheel of the tow truck himself–because he’s also blind.

Bart does everything by touch and sound (I wonder how many cars he can identify by engine note?) and remarks, like every other old car guy, that the new cars just aren’t as easy to work on as the classics. But that doesn’t hold him back from doing more blind than most people do sighted.

And with that in mind, I’m back out to the garage, where I’ve been working away to build a hospitable place to rebuild the Packard.




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