Look, ma, I’m on TV

3 08 2011

Before I left for Mises University, I taped a panel for Channel 4 WDIV’s Flashpoint morning program. The topic: the cost and benefits of a higher education. The participants:

University of Michigan-Dearborn Chancellor Daniel Little

University of Detroit Mercy President Antoine M. Garibaldi

Former Michigan State Board of Education member Reginald Turner

Uncredentialed commentator and cultural guiding light Graham Kozak
So I supposed I was a bit outgunned (but never outclassed). Of course, the panel aired July 24–the day after I headed south–so I just watched it today. Now, you can too, if you’re so inclined.

The panel segment is only about ten minutes long, but the experience taught me a lot about how individuals approach public appearances. Namely, that every participant seems to enter the debate with a narrative to express, and they will continue to advance that narrative whether it is appropriate in the given context or not. Watch the segment and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Also, I seem to always look angry on camera. Not sure if this is because of the high cost of tuition, the responses of my fellow panel participants, or because I always seem to look excessively stern.

The costs of higher education that I can’t say enough about, so it was a fitting topic for my introduction to television.




2 responses

3 08 2011

Good job! Congrats on making excellent points and holding your own with the big dogs.


4 08 2011

SECOND to the above comment! Great job! 🙂
Also, you do not look angry on camera…you just look like you are always in deep thought 🙂

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