Mental Burnout

8 08 2011

What would one call a situation where you have so many ideas and opportunities roaring around in your head that you can’t seem to get started on anything? I can only compare it to a good ol’ fashioned tire-melting burnout, where a vehicle’s beastly torque overwhelms its tires’ ability to grip the road.

This happens to me pretty frequently–mentally, at least. I mean, I can spin the wheels on the Wagoneer, but it’s not so great for the aging auto transmission. There’s really no problem with mental burnouts provided that one’s tires eventually bite the pavement. The alternative is…well, watch the video above.

It would be nice to develop a systematic way of breaking out of these mental wheelspins, but at the moment, I usually wrap myself up in some kind of hands-on activity. Over the weekend, I finally managed to get some of my tools fully assembled and operational. I’m not sure if I have enough time to get the Packard prepped for the Dream Cruise, but at least I’ll have a fully kitted-out garage come fall.

First, the compressor. Setting this thing up took many, many trips to the hardware store to get the correct hoses and countless adapters, but now that I know it works, I’ll be able to do (almost) anything, from sandblasting and painting to running professional-grade air tools.

Just having this thing nearby is a confidence booster

Next, the welder. This is a pretty basic model, but it should prove versatile. I built a little cart for it, since updated to address the first iteration’s tipsyness. It’s nothing fancy, but it was practically free compared to the flimsy $50 cart offered by Eastwood. It will look better if I ever get around to painting it.

I'll let you in on a secret: I have no idea how to weld. No idea.

I’ve already picked up the replacement floor panels and rocker panels for the Packard, so now it’s a only a matter of removing the existing but rotted sheet metal, cutting the new panels to fit, doing some practice welds with the scrap, and stitching the restoration parts into place. Easy, or so I keep telling myself.



2 responses

10 08 2011

Did your welder come with the mask?

10 08 2011
Graham Kozak

The welder did not come with safety gear (I didn’t want the package deal) but I’ve bought heavy gloves and a full face shield with an auto-darkening lens. This is one area where I don’t want to skimp on safety, as I’ve heard that just a few moments’ exposure to a welding arc can give a really nasty sunburn.

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