Whitefish and eggs over toast. Verdict: delicious

15 08 2011

I eat quite a bit of fish for breakfast. Salmon, sardines, kippered herring…it’s all good for a hearty start to the day. But whitefish? It’s always a treat, since it doesn’t come dirt cheap in an apocalypse-proof can. The whitefish is a freshwater bottom-feeder that may or may not possess a delicate flavor nicely complimented by a crisp white wine. I wouldn’t know; I like it freshly smoked and salted to hell and back.

Yesterday, I had the chance to pick up exactly 1.89 lbs. of smoked whitefish at the Upper Peninsula’s own Hog Island Country Store. If you’re going to buy whitefish, you’ve got to buy it whole so that you can imagine yourself having a conversation with the fish as you prepare your meal.

Fish aren't noted for their conversation skills, with "Hello sailor" being the most popular piscine opener

Anyway, I’ve got a few whitefish recipes I want to experiment with (be on the lookout) but this morning I decided to keep things simple with poached eggs over whitefish on toast.
This really is a no-brainer, but very delicious and filling enough to carry you through the afternoon. Simply take toast (I’d go with a rye; the Jewish Rye I had on hand was good, but a pumpernickel would have been better), pile on the flaked whitefish (it’s a bony fish, so it’s going to be flaked whether you like it that way or not), and top with a generously peppered poached egg. This is a good time to use the meat from the belly of the fish, which seems to be a bit fattier. Serve it with a piece of fruit or something if you’re into that “complete breakfast” nonsense, or just wash it all down with black coffee like a champ.

Looks pretty complete to me as-is

If you can’t get your hands on freshly smoked whitefish, I recommend trying this with kippered herring. If you can’t picture yourself eating fish for breakfast…it’s really your loss.




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16 09 2011
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