Only in Ann Arbor

20 11 2011

Having lived in Ann Arbor for a few years, it takes a lot to shock me – everything, from the city’s inane protests to its insane regulations has largely lost its capacity to surprise. Still, sometimes the most insignificant things are the ones that leave me shaking my head in amazement.

Case in point: a Subaru with an Obama bumper sticker.


There’s nothing unusual about a Subaru doubling as a rolling billboard for progressive causes. Except that the deep blue Forester I saw while running errands last week was new. Just-off-the-lot, spec sheet-in-the-window new. It didn’t yet have a permanent license plate – but it did have a fresh “Obama 2012” sticker on the bumper.

It’s possible that Subaru offers factory installed and warrantied Obama campaign stickers to prospective buyers. After all, Subaru is a brand that knows its market. If that’s the case, Toyota should consider adding “Think globally, act locally” stickers to their list of Prius options.

Otherwise, someone decided to put off the trip to the Secretary of State until after they had pledged allegiance to the left’s favorite political pop star. If that’s the case, this act of minor automobile customization serves as one more glimpse into the progressive mind and its bizarre priorities.




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