Music to Occupy by

29 11 2011

Need a stocking stuffer for that anti-consumerist Occupier in your life? Your gift buying task may have just gotten a bit easier: according to the Wall Street Journal, Occupy Wall Street is planning…a benefit album.

From the article:

Occupy Wall Street has a benefit album planned with Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Crosby & Nash, Devo, Lucinda Williams and even some of those drummers who kept an incessant beat at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

Participants in the protest movement said Wednesday that “Occupy This Album,” which will be available sometime this winter, will also feature DJ Logic, Ladytron, Warren Haynes, Toots and the Maytals, Mike Limbaud, Aeroplane Pageant, Yo La Tengo and others.

But wait! There’s…erm, Moore.

Activist filmmaker Michael Moore is also planning to sing.

Occupying your iPod...right after he occupies a vocal trainer, I hope

That’s right, Michigan’s own faux-populist is ready to fire up the masses with his literally gilded pipes. Who, exactly, asked for this? What were they thinking?

I’m going to have to listen to this nightmare if and when it’s released–I’m dying to find out whether Moore will take a stab at a downer Bruce Springsteen ballad (I’m imagining it in the style of William Shatner’s infamous rendition of “Rocket Man,” only wheezier and whinier) or if he’ll go all out, pick up an acoustic guitar, and folk out like Pete Seeger.

Of course, it’s easy to simply mock the Occupy Movement for its overall incoherence and bizarre fundraising ideas. But it isn’t terribly productive.

Instead, take a step back: the Occupy benefit album becomes as instructive as it is silly. Given widespread support for the movement from within the entertainment industry, it seems that creating a creating a vital musical backdrop for the protests-a sort of new Woodstock-would be relatively straightforward. Except that acts slated to appear on the benefit album aren’t relevant anymore. Crosby & Nash? Toots and the Maytals? Devo?

For a movement claiming to offer a new way forward, Occupy (and fittingly, its benefit album) is looking backward. Rather than tackling the real sources of their often legitimate grievances, the Occupiers would rather crank up the Michael Moore and zone out to the unthinking populist rabble that has come to define the protests.




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